Oh Gawd No!

I am more or less a religious person in my own right. I like to think that there is a “something” out there and I call it God or Yahweh. I personally prefer the word God because I think is it broad enough for my personal definition. To me God can be Allah, Yahweh or whatever you feel you his/her/its name can be. God can mean different things to many people according to me.

I was born on a small island in the Caribbean where most of the natives would classify themselves as Christians, though they may not be overly religious. I too would have classify myself to be of that sect before now. My family migrated to the United States in the early part of 1992 and like anyone who have never visited any other country I was extremely excited to come here. Not that I am not excited to be here now, I very much excited and happy to be an American Citizen.

Upon my arrival, my mother informed my sister and me reality of what america was all about. In a nutshell, we were to to go the school, church and home, sometime all three somedays and some times not. My knowledge of church and of God grow in a way that I could now identify to be more fantasy driven. We were in church more that I could tell. I was never much of a singer but I decided to do what most African American /Black young would participate in at church. I joined the choir. We were not recording material but I loved it the trips to other churches (because I love to travel) and learning the newly released songs. Wow, I am still fond of those days. The importance of church was indoctrinated at home and at of course church.

My attendance at church back then undoubtedly thought me a lot about myself and others. It thought me a lot about God as I knew him then. I now know or better yet believe I know him more and deeply then before. Of course I grow up but many people I knew then still knows God as I did back then, I believe. I still believe in the bible, most of it and believe that there is a God. I now just thrive to separate just church, religion and Yahwehism to give it a name. I feel that I am now a Yahwehist.

My believe in this was and is continually evolving. I first had the theophany when I was in college. I would consistently reflect upon the many sermons, advise and warnings I heard from my pastor at the time. He would, and I paraphrase, don’t take religion courses in college they are demonic. What did I do, I took about four religion courses in college. I figure if they were demonic I would have God on my side to protect me. It turns out the they were not demonic courses and the thought of anyone to infer that is ludicrous. I found that the courses were taught not from a religious perspective but purely academic. And this revelation lead me to start thinking about the differences between religiosity and pure worship (for a lack of a better word right now). My ideas on religiosity are pretty much very defined from where i stand right now.

Religiosity to me is defined to be the follow:
1. Individuals going to church for the ritual of it
2. The self representation of how one is perceived as being part of a particular sect
3. The rules, laws and imposed moral ideas that are developed by church leaders that does not exist or misinterpreted to fit a particular religious agenda

In no way an I laying a foundation for a new religious sect but I these ideas I just wish to share. Yahwehism may already exist and if they do I am in no way endorsing anything that they are about. I think of myself as a Yahwehist because I feel that my understanding of God is a culmination of the people, their ideas, my ideas, my experiences and my knowledge has led me to this state of enlightenment, if I may.

I believe for me to be a true Yahwehist, I must believe the following.
1. God is not bound by the Bible – it is just one source that talks about God whomever he may be for anyone
2. God exist in everything – It means the same was when someone say that they have put their heart and soul into anything. I feel it is the same with God. We humans have one connected point that we all share and the is God, where were you define him/her/it to be.
3. God is logical – He is a chemist, biologist, theorist and you name it. All things were made and happen for a reason we not not know it yet.

Well, my overall thought on religion is that we have to know for ourselves what is best for us and what we should believe in and not believe in to live a life we find worth living.

Live Your Life and Live it Well


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