more BEEs with HONEY than with Sh*t

I have heard this phrase a lot and I believe that it is true. One can get better reaction from people when you’re nice to them than when you’re rude or mean. This post is not a discussion of how people should react but of whether President Obama has made the United States safer over the past 100 days and beyond. I will discuss the policy of his presidency I think has helped to make America safe, if not more safe. Policies on foreign policy, presidential leadership and one monumental domestic policy I feel has changed from the past administration on American safety. In this post, I will argue, hopefully convincingly that President Obama has made the USA safer for all Americans.

If I had to choose the one thing I would not change about President Obama, and that is his straight forwardness and his ability to constantly seek unity. In that trait I think his approach to foreign policy has been a positive one. Being open minded and non judgmental towards countries who we, the US has been at odds with speaks to his ability of bringing people together. Not being afraid to standup and say that America has in the past made mistakes or even act arrogantly towards other countries in the past is a beginning step or continual endeavor in keeping America safe. Identifying the wrongs and the miss steps this country has done shows the world that we know we are not a perfect country but have the ability to change. Because of that self-reflection, other countries and world leaders will be willing to meet us at least half way on the difficult issues facing the world. Take our relationship with Cuba for example, by refusing to speak to Cuban leaders I think makes us vulnerable to many national treats. Cuba does not have to be our friend or buddy but having a good working relationship with our neighbors helps reduce threats that may come from their shores or borders. They or their citizens may become less susceptible or willing to participate in events and initiatives that is anti-America.

His leadership is undoubtably been an inspiration to not just to me but to many people all over the world. Because of his leadership philosophy of not focusing on the past but use the past as a tool to positively and thoughtfully change and enhance the future. President Obama is a team player who brings ideas, visions and solutions from a variety of perspectives to aid in problem-solving. “I believe you can either be the problem or be part of the solution.” No one is perfect, but he has to me been a leader that listens then tries new approaches to solving problems. His leadership style is one that I strongly feel will help to make America safe, if not safer. Listening to others, treating people with respect and identifying ones own mistakes leads to productive dialogs that we had difficulty having in the past administration.

Practicing what we preach, so to speak is a how I see President Obama’s philosophy so far on domestic policies. I think it is a great policy to close Gitmo. I agree that America should be a leader in the world but if we treat people in ways that is inhumane, of cause we will get anti-American sentiments. For example, when a person finds out that a co-worker got a promotion that they did not deserve, ones’ tendency is to be resentful of management, which leads to that person working efficiently. If we, America use our power fairly we can be the country that is idealize, not for the riches or fame but for the way we government our people and interact with other sovereign nations. We should not have ideals reflecting how we do not torture but then torture individuals privately. Extremist and non extremist both have belief systems and the differences between the two, I believe is whether what the believe in is the truth or not. In order to get to the truth respect, fairness and equal voice should be brought to the dialog. They all want to be heard and have there concerns addressed that is why America is safer when was stand up for human rights for all regardless of culture in a respectful and fair manor.

Regardless of your beliefs the same still holds true, you can always get more bees with honey that with sh*t. Being a country that is fair, respectful to all and exercising the ability to listen can only, in my opion, keep this country safe.


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